Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans

We evaluate and compare Medicare Supplements and Advantage Plans every year.  We are looking for Value, Benefits, Company Stability and High Quality Customer Service.  Only the top companies receive a contract from us.  Our independence means that we can adapt quickly when prices rise and plans change.

Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage?

A Medicare Supplement is secondary to Medicare and pays your deductible and co-pays.  Medicare Advantage is enrolling with a private health insurance company to administer your Medicare benefits.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of plans.

Medicare Supplements:

  • Have a larger premium with few out of pocket cost.

  • Medicare with a Supplement is typically most accepted by providers.

  • Guaranteed Renewable; Once issued, the insurance company cannot cancel you.  You can cancel anytime.

  • No enrollment periods; You can change your supplement any time of year.

  • Have no or few copays and deductibles; You pay your premium and the Supplement takes care of the rest.

  • Health underwritten, unless you are in an open enrollment or guaranteed issue period.

Medicare Advantage:

  • Lower Premium with higher out of pocket costs; You pay copays at the doctor and hospital.

  • You typically use the HMO or PPO network of the Advantage Plan.

  • Usually cover more Preventative Services including Annual checkups.

  • Enrollment periods allow you the option to change Annually.

Why use an Independent Agent?

We are completely independent of the Insurance Companies we represent.  We work to help you find the best option for your personal situation.  For some, a Medicare Supplement is the best option.  For others, a Medicare Advantage plan will work just fine.  As you have rate increases or plan changes, we can help you assess your options and help you change to a plan that better fits your current situation.

We have the great rates and lots of options, but service is where we excel!

Sometimes, providers bill the wrong company.  You may get a bill you don’t understand.  If you have questions, I am here to help.  If there are issues, I can call the company or provider for you in many situations.  Sometimes, it is easier to me to discuss your issue with the insurance company as opposed to you talking to someone different every time you call the insurance companies 1-800 number.  My clients have my cell phone number.  We are here to help you use you Medicare Supplement or Advantage plan.